Financial Aid for Foster Youth in Illinois

Private Scholarships



Our program begins in high school for youth that have experienced foster care. You’ll meet with a mentor once a week and attend a monthly group meeting. Mentors help with things like filling out the FAFSA, choosing a college, piecing together financial aid, etc. You’ll also do fun things together. Each time you meet with your mentor or attend a group session, you earn $100 in scholarship money, totaling a maximum of $5,000. Our scholarships are very flexible - when you enroll in college, if your costs are covered by other financial aid, you can use your Foster Progress scholarship for anything that might further your education and adulthood. We’ve had students use theirs for study abroad programs, furnishing their dorm rooms, paying room and board, or transportation costs, for example. For more details, or to apply, go here: FOSTER PROGRESS MENTORING & SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM


The Family Fellowship Program offers family-like financial and emotional support to college-bound, “aging out” foster youth. They provide things such as mentorship, care packages, winter bonding trips, and more. In addition, they will also offer the following financial support for up to five years: tuition support, school supplies, textbooks, laptop/printer, academic assistance/tutoring, housing allowance, dorm supplies. The application will be available on February 15,2019 and it is due May 1, 2019. Check it out here: TOGETHER WE RISE FAMILY FELLOWSHIPS SCHOLARSHIP